A supporter certificate, is like a license key but for awesome people using and supporting open source software. 🙂

Keeping Sandboxie up to date with the rolling releases of Windows and compatible with all web browsers is a never-ending endeavor. Please consider supporting this work with a PayPal donation or by purchasing a Sandboxie-Plus Supporter Certificate, you can also provide continuous support with a Patreon subscription.

A support certificate enables the use of new supporter exclusive plus features, like Privacy Mode or App Compartment Boxes, see the Feature Comparison Table for more details and certificate options.

Please note that to use Sandboxie Plus in a business setting a Business Certificate is required!

Patreon certificates are valid for as long as the subscription is active and unlock all features. Patreons which ended their subscription are entitled to a residual certificate corresponding to the total amount of their support.

Contributor certificates are available to all people that help by contributing to the project, these certificates do not expire. If you are a contributor please get in touch by eMail or alike to get your certificate.