Sandboxie-Live is a fast update service (stable channel) for project supporters (users with a supporter certificate) and/or adventures people (preview channel) wanting to try out the latest fixes and discover the newest bugs.

On the "Support Tab" in the "Global Options" the user can now choose from the following release channels:


  1. Stable - GitHub Releases
  2. Preview - GitHub Pre-Releases

There the user can also select how to behave when a "New Version" (where an installer is available) or a "Version Update" (where only individual files of the existing installation will be updated) is found.
For a "New Version" the following options are available: Notify, Download & Notify, Download & Install
For a "Version Update" the following options are available: Ignore, Notify, Download & Notify, Download & Install
There is no "Ignore" option for "New Version" as that is covered by disabling check for updates.

In the "Stable" channel check for "Version Update" is only available to supporters with a valid certificate. In this channel all updates are signed and consists of the latest compatibility templates and urgent bug-fixes and translations.

In the "Preview" channel the "Version Update" consist of unsigned test builds (except the signed driver) released every few days (like for example 1.6.0,1.6.1a and 1.6.1b) as here the updates contain not only half tested fixes but also new functionality which may not yet be free of bugs.