Contributing to the Sandboxie project

Monetary contributions

  1. Get a supporter certificate
    A supporter certificate is like a license key and enables the use of new supporter exclusive features, like Privacy Mode or Application Compartment sandboxes. See the Feature Comparison for more details and certificate options.
    In order to use Sandboxie Plus in specific business or education contexts, a Business certificate is required!

  2. Get a Patreon subscription
    Patreon certificates are valid for as long as the subscription is active and unlock all features. Patreons which ended their subscription are entitled to a residual certificate corresponding to the total amount of their support. See also how to renew a Patreon supporter certificate.

  3. Donate with PayPal

  4. Donate with cryptocurrencies
    In order to arrange custom payments with cryptocurrencies, please get in touch by email.

In case of issues with your refund request, please get in touch by email with the full name and order ID.

Non-monetary contributions

Contributor certificates do not expire (regardless of how many PCs you own) and are available to all people who open meaningful pull requests or provide continued support to the Sandboxie-docs / Sandboxie repositories.

For example:

  1. You could add a new Sandboxie Plus translation for the language of your country, see also Localization notes and tips.
  2. You could help to keep updated our Sandboxie-docs repository by providing a number of meaningful changes. More volunteers are needed to keep it constantly updated with the new introduced settings mentioned in the file.
  3. You could provide new code changes that fix a specific Sandboxie functionality or introducing a new one.
  4. You could offer your availability to become a collaborator in the Sandboxie-docs / Sandboxie repositories (after proving your continued support with open issues and/or sufficient skills to manage pull requests).

If you are willing to become a new contributor or collaborator, please get in touch by email for further details.

How to help with Sandboxie issues?

We encourage the developers and community to conduct research, report issues, and suggest improvements on this code base.
However, please do not report security vulnerabilities in public GitHub comments. This repository has a file with instructions on responsibly reporting security vulnerabilities.

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