Windows XP Mode

Windows XP Mode

With Windows 7, Microsoft offers Windows XP Mode, which is a virtualized installation of 32-bit Windows XP Service Pack 3 running side-by-side with the primary Windows 7 operating system.

Windows XP Mode is only available on the Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions of Windows 7.

The 32-bit edition of Sandboxie can be installed into the 32-bit Windows XP running within the 64-bit Windows 7. Thanks to the seamless integration of Windows XP Mode into the Windows 7 environment, 32-bit Sandboxie can function reasonably well within a 64-bit Windows 7.

Windows XP Mode is easier to use than a stand-alone virtual machine running Windows XP, as it is better integrated into Windows 7. It also includes a licensed copy of Windows XP. However, this improved integration also exposes your Windows 7 system and documents to malicious changes originating in the Windows XP Mode operating system.

With Sandboxie, you can have a web browser which is isolated within its own sandbox, making it more secure than your web browser running directly on Windows 7.

Windows XP Mode - Install and Setup

Once Windows XP Mode is installed into your Windows 7, here are step-by-step instructions to install Sandboxie and Firefox:

  • Open the Windows XP Mode operating system.

  • Optionally, download and install Firefox. Make sure to let Firefox designate itself as the default web browser during its installation process. Optionally, also tweak Firefox preferences, and install any add-ons you wish to use.

  • Download and install Sandboxie.

  • Optionally download and install an anti-virus for your Windows XP Mode operating system.

  • Log out of the Windows XP Mode operating system.

  • In your Windows 7 Start Menu, you should now find the Sandboxie program group:

Windows 7 Start Menu > All Programs > Windows Virtual PC > Windows XP Mode Applications > Sandboxie

  • Select Run Web browser sandboxed to run Firefox within Sandboxie.