Message: SBIE2314 Canceling process program.exe

Logged To: Popup Message Log.


An update to Windows may cause Sandboxie to issue this message on Windows 7.

COM Servers

In some specific cases, Sandboxie might need to launch an instance of Internet Explorer, Window Media Player or other media players, to receive the file name that should be opened in the sandbox, when the requester is outside the sandbox.

For instance, when Window Media Player is forced to run in the sandbox, and a request is made through Windows Explorer (running outside the sandbox) to open a media file, then Sandboxie needs to launch an instance of Windows Media Player to receive the file name for the media file, so it can then open a properly sandboxed instance of Window Media Player and play the file.

This message indicates that a program that was launched in this way to receive the file name experienced some error, and had to be closed.

For Internet Explorer and Media Players:

As of version 3.32 this message can only be issued for the Internet Explorer program, iexplore.exe, and only when Internet Explorer has been configured as a forced program.

The message indicates that a special instance of a Internet Explorer, which has been started in order to accept an Internet address (a URL) from a program running outside the sandbox, has encountered an error.

You should be able to work around this problem by invoking the Disable Forced Programs command and retrying the operation that opens an Internet address.