Message: SBIE2205 Service not implemented: name

Logged To: Popup Message Log.


Some little-used system service, which is identified by name, is not implemented by Sandboxie. This is a warning/notification message from Sandboxie. The sandboxed program may or may not fail.

Missing functionality related to Protected Storage and Windows Credentials

The explanation below applies to these missing services:

  • CredReadA
  • IPStore::GetTypeInfo

Protected Storage is a facility that some Windows programs use to collect history of typed text. Windows credentials is a facility that some Windows programs (like Windows Messenger), and some Microsoft web sites (like Hotmail) use to remember user/password information.

Sandboxie provides its own implementation for these facilities, which store any collected information in the sandbox rather than in the real Protected Storage. This is part of the overall approach of Sandboxie which aims to contain any effects by a programs into the sandbox.

This Sandboxie implementation is complete enough that it enables most programs to work as expected. However, it is not 100% compatible with the real implementation of the facilities in Windows. Few programs use services which are not implemented. In this cases, Sandboxie issues message SBIE2205 to report that a program tried to do something which was not supported, and that the operation failed. The message does not imply that any information was stored outside the sandbox.

More information: Protected Storage, Open Protected Storage, Open Credentials, and Save Outside Sandbox in Internet Explorer Tips.