Message: SBIE2102 File is too large to copy into sandbox - path

Logged To: Popup Message Log.


This is an informational message.

Before a sandboxed program can make changes to a file that already exists in your computer, Sandboxie first must make a copy of this file in the sandbox.

This works very well for small files (up to a few megabytes in size), as the copy operation completes very quickly. But for larger files, the copy operation may take a noticeable length of time.

For example, suppose you created a backup for a DVD, in the form of a 4GB file. If a sandboxed program tries to access the file, Sandboxie would have to make a sandboxed copy of the 4 GB file. This would take several minutes to complete, and would cost 4 GB of disk space.

For this reason, Sandboxie will only make copies of files that are below a certain size threshold. Files larger than this size will be considered read-only inside the sandbox, and any attempt to modify them will result in message SBIE2102.

The size threshold and alert message can be configured in Sandbox Settings > File Migration.

Related Sandboxie Ini setting: CopyLimitKb, CopyLimitSilent