Message: SBIE1406 Missing or invalid expansion for variable: [xxxxxxxx]

Logged To: System Event Log and Popup Message Log.


This messages indicates that the variable referenced in the configuration file, whose name is noted in the message, cannot be replaced by textual content.

For example, the variables %USERNAME% are expanded to (or replaced by) the user account name. If Sandboxie cannot determine the user account name (see messages SBIE1408 and SBIE2209), then message SBIE1406 will be issued, naming the variable USERNAME.

For a list of expandable variables, see Expandable Variables.

Template Variables

If the variable name in the message begins with Tmpl, then you should go to Sandbox Settings > Applications > Folders and select a folder location to be associated with the missing variable.

For example, if you see this error message for Tmpl.Eudora, go to the Folders settings page, and select a folder for Eudora.