Message: SBIE1304 Blocked simulated keyboard or mouse input by process program.exe

Logged To: Popup Message Log.


This warning message appears when a sandboxed program has simulated keyboard or mouse action which would have been received by a window that is running in another sandbox or outside any sandboxes. The keyboard or mouse action is discarded.

The point of this protection is to block a scenario where a malicious program, which is running sandboxed, manages to circumvent Sandboxie by communicating with program outside Sandboxie, such as the Windows Explorer. The malicious program could simulate keyboard actions that would instruct Windows Explorer to navigate into the sandbox and launch a malicious program.

Games and Full Screen Applications:

Sometimes this message is issued while launching a game or an application. In that case the message is not an indication of malicious activity, and it is safe to hide message SBIE1304, or to disable this protection. To disable this protection, consult the related documentation pages below.

Related Sandboxie Control setting: Sandbox Settings > Restrictions > Hardware Access

Related Sandboxie Ini setting: BlockFakeInput.