OBSOLETE SINCE 0.9.0 / 5.51.0

Message: SBIE1242 Monitor buffer overflow

Logged To: Popup Message Log.


When enabled, the Resource Access Monitor component of Sandboxie records every access attempt by a sandboxed program to some system resource. The name and type of the resource are stored in a "monitor buffer". The monitor buffer uses only 64KB of memory.

Because of the small size of the monitor buffer, it can keep only a limited number of access attempts at the same time. This error indicates the Resource Access Monitor detected more attempts to access resources than the monitor buffer can handle.

Effectively, this means that some resource accesses will not be displayed by the Resource Access Monitor. This may or may not be important.

A possible solution is to lower the priority level of the sandboxed program, or, in the case of a multiple-processor system, restrict it to just one processor. This would ideally reduce the number of resource accesses that the program can carry out at once.