Resource Access

Resource Access

Programs that run in a sandbox are generally not allowed to access system resources directly. In some cases, it may be desirable to make exceptions to this rule. These options display and change that set of exceptions.

Examples where exceptions are convenient or necessary:

  • Allow direct access to some specific folder. For example, let the Web browser place downloads directly in a Downloads folder.
    See the File Access category.
  • A program may need access to some resource for correct operation. If the program is known and trusted, it is reasonable to make such an exception.

Configuration changes do not apply to programs that are already running sandboxed at the time the configuration is changed. To keep things simple, you are advised to make configuration changes when no programs are running in the sandbox.

General Information

In sandboxie various Resource Access settings apply only to programs installed outside of sandboxie as not to be bypassed by sandboxed programs changing their exe name. The following table shows which settings apply to what installation locations.

Outside Inside
ClosedFilePath Yes Yes
ClosedIpcPath Yes Yes
ClosedKeyPath Yes Yes
OpenClsid Yes Yes
OpenFilePath Yes No
OpenIpcPath Yes Yes
OpenKeyPath Yes No
OpenPipePath Yes Yes
OpenWinClass Yes Yes

Note that all Close...=!<program>,... excludes only programs from outside the sandbox.

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