Open Pipe Path

Open Pipe Path

OpenPipePath is a sandbox setting in Sandboxie Ini. It specifies path patterns for which Sandboxie will not apply sandboxing for files.

It is the same as the OpenFilePath setting, except that this setting is always applied, whereas OpenFilePath is only applied if the application is running from a file or folder that is located outside the sandbox.

See OpenFilePath for general usage instructions.

The OpenPipePath setting is primarily intended to allow sandboxed programs access to file communication device resources, which can be identified using the Sandboxie Trace.

However, it can also be used to define files and folders that should be exempt (in the way that OpenFilePath exempts files) even for programs that are running from within the sandbox itself.

Example usage:


Will allow the sandboxed program to manage shares and user accounts on the computer, through the resources wkssvc and srvsvc.

Note: This specific example is not recommended, as it weakens the protection of the sandbox.

Related Sandboxie Control setting: Sandbox Settings > Resource Access > File Access > Full Access