Open Credentials

Open Credentials

OpenCredentials is a sandbox setting in Sandboxie Ini. It is typically specified as OpenCredentials=yes (see Yes Or No Settings), and indicates that Sandboxie should not isolate Windows credentials in the sandbox. For example:


Indicates that programs running in the DefaultBox sandbox will update the real credential store, rather than a sandboxed instance of it.

Windows credentials are used primarily by Windows and Microsoft applications to store user name and password information for:

  • Network shares
  • MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger accounts
  • Microsoft .NET Passport accounts

To manage Windows credentials, start Control Panel > User Accounts, select an account, and the click on the Related Task labeled Manage my network passwords.

Note: Sandboxie stores credentials in the sandboxed protected storage. Thus, if the setting Save outside sandbox: History of search strings and invoked commands
in Sandbox Settings > Applications > Web Browsers is enabled, credentials will not be stored in the sandbox, regardless of the OpenCredentials setting.

Related Sandboxie Control setting: Save outside sandbox: Account information for Hotmail and Messenger
in Sandbox Settings > Applications > Web Browsers

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