Open Conf Path

OpenConfPath is a sandbox setting in Sandboxie Ini available since v1.0.0 / 5.55.0. It specifies a path pattern, for which Sandboxie will not apply sandboxing for registry keys. This lets sandboxed programs have direct access to update system settings outside the sandbox. This setting essentially punches a hole in the sandbox, at a particular registry key location.

It is the same as the OpenKeyPath setting, except that this setting is always applied, whereas OpenKeyPath is only applied if the application is running from a file or folder that is located outside the sandbox.

Program Name Prefix may be specified.



These examples let the Firefox program, firefox.exe, have direct access to the Mozilla registry key trees (both system-wide and per-user registry trees).

The value specified for OpenConfPath can include wildcards, although for registry keys, the use of wildcards is rarely needed. For more information on this, including examples that show the use of wildcards, see OpenFilePath. (OpenFilePath deals with files, not registry keys, but the principle of using wildcards remains the same.)

Note: This setting does apply even when the program executable file resides within the sandbox. This means that (potentially malicious) software downloaded into your computer and executed, can take advantage of this setting.