File Root Path

File Root Path

FileRootPath is a sandbox setting in Sandboxie Ini. It specifies the root folder for a particular sandbox.

As with all sandbox settings, it may also be specified in the global section, and in that case will apply for all sandboxes where the setting is not also specified in the sandbox section.

See Sandbox Hierarchy for more information.



The following substitution variables may be useful in this path.

  • Shell Folders variables such as %Personal% which expands to the user's Documents folder
  • The variable %SANDBOX% which expands to the name of the sandbox
  • The variable %USER% which expands to the user name
  • The variable %SID% which expands to the user security ID (SID)
  • The variable %SESSION% which expands to the Terminal Services session number

If FileRootPath is not specified, its default value is constructed using the deprecated BoxRootFolder setting, thus:

  • BoxRootFolder\Sandbox\%SANDBOX%

If BoxRootFolder is also not specified, then the default setting is:

  • C:\Sandbox\%USER%\%SANDBOX%