Breakout Folder

Breakout Folder

BreakoutFolder is a sandbox setting in Sandboxie Ini available since v1.0.8 / 5.55.8. It forces a folder's content to run unsandboxed even if started from inside the sandbox.



The first example specifies that any content inside the folder "C:\Downloads" will be launched unsandboxed.

Entire drives can also be specified as shown in the second example.

The third and fourth lines show basic characters from wildcards.

  • * defines any subfolder beyond App folder (App\1, App\1\1 and etc.).
  • ? defines a single character from folder (Appa, App8 and etc.) but not subfolders.

Also, you can combine several wildcards to match the specified folder name and subfolders.


  • Shortcuts that link to a program outside the specified folders will be launched sandboxed. For example: if you place a shortcut inside a broken out folder and it links to some program in a non broken out folder, then the shortcut will launch sandboxed.

Check BreakoutProcess for information on breaking out programs.

Also check ForceFolder, the counterpart of this setting, which forces a folder's content to launch sandboxed.