Block Fake Input

Block Fake Input

This feature is no longer supported in SBIE v4 and up.

BlockFakeInput is a sandbox setting in Sandboxie Ini. It specifies whether Sandboxie will allow sandboxed programs to manufacture fake keyboard input and send it to windows of applications running outside that sandbox.



Keyboard input is received by the active, highlighted window. This is true whether the keyboard input was manufactured by a program (fake input), or coming from the keyboard (real input).

By default, Sandboxie will allow a program running in a sandbox to manufacture fake input, provided the recipient window belongs to an application which is running in the same sandbox.

If the fake input will end up in a window outside that sandbox, Sandboxie will discard the input and issue message SBIE1304.

Specifying BlockFakeInput=n indicates that a sandboxed program should be allowed to manufacture fake keyboard input, regardless of the recipient of that input.

To experiemnt with this setting, you can run a sandboxed instance of osk.exe, the Windows on-screen keyboard.

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