Appearance Settings

Appearance Settings

Sandboxie Control > Sandbox Settings > Appearance:

Normally, Sandboxie inserts the Sandboxie marks [#] in the title bar of windows associated with sandboxed programs.

  • You can use the first checkbox to override this default behavior and prevent the Sandboxie marks from appearing.

  • You can use the second checkbox to extend this default behavior to also insert the name of the sandbox between the [#] marks. This is useful when you frequently use the same programs in more than one sandbox.

Note: It is not possible to enable both checkboxes at the same time.

Sandboxie can also draw a colored border around the active (foreground) window, if that windows belongs to a sandboxed program. Use the third checkbox to enable this behavior and choose the border color for programs in this sandbox.

Related Sandboxie Ini setting: BoxNameTitle, BorderColor.