Ram Disk Support

By seamlessly interfacing with the ImDisk Driver, Sandboxie-plus introduces a transformative way to allocate a portion of your system RAM for dynamic Ram Disks. This mechanism revolutionizes the speed and efficiency of your sandboxes, while also conferring distinct privacy advantages.

Performance Amplification

The hallmark benefit of Ram Disk Support is the remarkable performance boost it offers. Sandboxes configured with a Ram Disk can harness the lightning-fast data access and processing capabilities of your system's RAM. This means that operations within the sandbox occur at unprecedented speeds, without the constraints of traditional storage mediums.

Privacy Enhancement

Beyond the performance gains, Ram Disk Support lends an added layer of privacy to your sandboxing endeavors. Data stored in a Ram Disk is inherently volatile – once the system is powered off or the sandbox is closed, the data vanishes. This ephemeral nature of a Ram Disk significantly reduces the potential for data leaks, as there's no persistent storage where sensitive information could inadvertently reside.

Integrating Ram Disk Support: Step by Step

To fully embrace the potential of Ram Disk Support, follow these straightforward steps:

Updating Sandbox Configuration:

Open the sandboxie.ini configuration file for the sandbox you wish to enhance. To enable the Ram Disk for this sandbox, include the following line within the respective sandbox's section:


Configuring Global Settings:

To enable Ram Disk Support across all your sandboxes, navigate to the [GlobalSettings] section within the sandboxie.ini file. Allocate the appropriate memory for the Ram Disk by adding this line:


This value designates the maximum size of the Ram Disk in Kilobytes. For optimal results, allocate at least 1GB of RAM to the Ram Disk.

A key point to remember is the dynamic allocation of memory by Ram Disk Support. Unlike conventional storage, memory is utilized on-demand, ensuring optimal resource management. This intelligent allocation means you can allocate up to half of your system's physical RAM without encountering issues.